Voters with Disabilities

The Georgia Secretary of State's Office is dedicated to making elections accessible to everyone, regardless of disability. This site has been constructed to meet Federal Section 508 standards. In addition, special features have been added to the pages to make access via screen reader and Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) more convenient.

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Registering to Vote

To register to vote, you must first fill out a voter registration application. The deadline to register to vote in an election in Georgia is the fifth Monday prior to the election. Voters with disabilities can receive assistance to complete the voter registration application. The person providing assistance must sign the oath continued on the voter registration application next to the signature of the applicant. There are several easy ways for Georgians to register to vote:

If you are uncertain of your registration status, you may confirm your status through the Secretary of State's website, or you may call our office at 770-479-0407.

Voting at the Polling Place

Georgia law requires all polling places to be fully accessible and equipped with poll workers that are trained to take care of the needs of all voters. On Election Day, polling places in Georgia are open from 7:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m. If you are 75 years of age or older or have a disability and you show up at the polling place between 9:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., you will not be required to wait in line. Such voters should tell a poll officer if he or she wants to move to the front of the line. For information on the accessibility of your polling place, please contact your county elections office. You may contact the Secretary of State’s office at 404-656-2871 or (V/TTY) 656-1787 for additional assistance.

In Person Voting Assistance

A voter who is unable to sign his or her name, unable to see or mark the ballot, operate the voting equipment, or enter the voting booth without assistance, can receive assistance voting. The individual assisting a voter with a disability must record his or her name on the disabled elector’s voter certificate. In federal elections, a voter with a disability can receive assistance from any individual EXCEPT his or her employer, representative of his or her employer, or a representative of his or her union. In all other elections, a voter with a disability can receive assistance from any voter, EXCEPT a poll worker or poll watcher who is a resident of the precinct in which the voter requiring assistance is attempting to vote; or, a voter with a disability can receive assistance from his or her mother, father, sister, brother, spouse, or child.

In Person Voting Assistive Voting Devices

Audio assistance for Visually Impaired votersVoters with disabilities have the option of using an accessible touch screen voting unit designed to assist with the goal of voting independently and privately. These accessible voting units provide several different ways for voters to cast a ballot. An audio ballot is available for voters who are visually impaired or blind. With the audio ballot, voters are given headphones and a number keypad. A voter hears candidates’ names and questions through the headphones, and then the voter responds to prompts by touching the keypad similar to an automated phone service. In addition, a magnifying feature is available on every touch screen voting unit that allows the voter to magnify the print on the ballot. Additionally, every polling place in Georgia is required to maintain a magnifying glass for use by visually impaired voters.

Seated Voting

Every polling place in Georgia is equipped with at least one touch screen voting unit that will allow a voter to vote while sitting in a chair or wheelchair.

Vote by Mail Before Election Day

Any voter can request a mail-in ballot. No excuse is needed. Simply fill out the application to request an official mail-in ballot. Then, mail or drop off the application to your county registrar’s office. We urge you to request your mail-in ballot and get it back to your county registrar’s office as soon as possible. Mail-in ballots must be received by your county registrar no later than close of the polls on Election Day. A voter who has a disability or cannot read and write may get help when filling out the mail-in ballot application and the official absentee/advance ballot. No matter how the ballot arrives, a voter with a physical disability may get help marking his or her ballot. The person helping the voter must sign an oath that is either printed on the mail-in ballot envelope or on the application for mail-in ballot, whichever is applicable.

Early and Advance Voting

Georgia gives you the chance to vote in person before Election Day without having to provide a reason. Early/Advance voting is easy and convenient. It allows you to vote on a day and time that is convenient for you. Contact your county voter registration office for early/advance voting site locations and hours. Some counties have multiple early/advance voting sites. You may contact our office at 770-479-0407, or (V/TTY) 656-1787 for additional assistance.

Photo ID Requirements

A photo ID is required to vote in person. Acceptable forms of identification are:

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