There is no white envelope with my absentee ballot

The Secretary of State’s office contracted with a vendor in Arizona to mail out the absentee ballots for the June 9, 2020 general primary.  Instead of creating a white inner envelope and an outer envelope printed with an Oath, the vendor created a white paper “sleeve” as the inner envelope. Apparently, the artwork being sent back and forth for approval looked the same as an envelope, until the miscommunication was recently discovered.  The instructions say to enclose and securely seal the voted ballot in the smaller of the two envelopes, but don’t worry, the white folded paper sleeve will work just fine. Please put your voted ballot into the white paper sleeve and then place it into the Oath envelope, sign the Oath and return the ballot.  Do not tape or staple the paper sleeve, because the ballot might become damaged as we remove it.

copyright Cherokee County Board of Elections and Registration