Notice of Qualifying 2016

Qualifying for Political Party Candidates and Nonpartisan Candidates will begin Monday, _______________at 9:00am and end on Friday, _______________ at 12:00 noon.

Those who wish to qualify as a party candidate for Cherokee County offices must do so with the Cherokee County Democratic Party or the Cherokee County Republican Party. Nonpartisan Candidates will qualify with the Cherokee County Elections Superintendent. All qualifying for county offices listed below will take place at the Albert L. Stone Elections Building, 400 E. Main Street, Canton, 30114.

Fees are paid to the organization with which the candidate qualifies. Qualifying fees have been set as follows:

Partisan Offices:

Board of Commissioners, Districts 2 & 3 $   900.00
Board of Education Chairperson $   216.00
Board of Education, Districts 1 & 2 $   216.00
Clerk of Court                                                                  $2,533.76
Judge of Probate Court                                                  $2,533.76
Sheriff                                                                                $2,597.77
Tax Commissioner                                                          $2,533.76
Chief Magistrate                                                             $2,533.76
Coroner    $     35.00
Surveyor $     35.00

Nonpartisan Offices:

Judge of the State Court



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